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First-rate Service for Stem Cell Therapy Development

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First-rate Service for Stem Cell Therapy Development

August 03
06:16 2022
Creative Biolabs offers a full set of assay development and characterization services for stem cells that can meet specific project requirements.

New York, USA – August 2, 2022 – In recent years, stem cell biology has become a highly promising and advanced scientific research area. With great potential in tissue regeneration and repair, stem cells can be widely used in disease treatment, clinical research, and basic research.

The Data Bridge Market Research analyses that the global stem cell therapy market is expected to reach the value of USD 398.54 million and grow at a CAGR of 9.7% from 2022 to 2029.

With leading technology and extensive experience, Creative Biolabs provides stem cell assay development services to support stem cell research and therapy development, including genetic/epigenetic analysis services as well as in vitro and in vivo assay development services.

Creative Biolabs provides key sequencing-based methods for the analysis of epigenomes, including bisulfite sequencing, chromatin immunoprecipitation sequencing, 3D chromatin capture, and the determination of open chromatin.

The in vitro assay services include cell growth assay, senescence assays, and co-culture and autophagy assays. The in vivo assay services include assessing the phenotypic characteristics of transgenic lines, performing functional MRI services for awakening animals to visualize neural networks, assessing transporter activity, and building animal models.

Induced pluripotent stem cells (iPSCs) are pluripotent cells that can be obtained by reprogramming differentiated animal or human cells. Creative Biolabs has developed custom iPSC services for generating iPSC with viral vectors, DNA (plasmid), RNA, and recombinant proteins.

Other iPSC services at Creative Biolabs:

• iPSC Reprogramming Service

• iPSC Culture Service

• Pluripotency Characterization Service

• iPSC Genome Editing Service

• iPSC Differentiation Service

Creative Biolabs also offers several feasible and cost-effective characterization methods to identify the characteristics of stem cells, including iPSC. Commonly used characterization methods are mainly based on RNA extraction, cDNA transcription, polymerase chain reaction, and immunofluorescence staining. Some of the iPSC pluripotency characterization services are as follows:

• Morphology of iPSC

• Teratoma formation assays for iPSC

• EB (embryoid body) formation and characterization for iPSC

• Karyotype analysis for iPSC

• Gender determination of iPSC

• Electrophysiological characterization via multi-electrode array (MEA) for iPSC

• qPCR analysis for pluripotency markers for iPSC

• Pluripotency marker assays for iPSC

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With professional scientists and extensive experience, Creative Biolabs provides high-quality products and services in the field of stem cell therapy development for customers all over the world.

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