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CollectBuySell Launches New Collectibles Marketplace

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CollectBuySell Launches New Collectibles Marketplace

August 18
16:46 2022 is a peer-to-peer marketplace for alternative assets – starting with sports memorabilia, comics, and collectibles. is a peer-to-peer marketplace for sports memorabilia, comics, and collectibles. This decentralized platform does not charge any transaction fees or commissions – and allows users to transact with each other directly. The company’s mission is to make the collectibles market safer, more efficient, and  more collector centric. They leverage machine learning and AI to evaluate the authenticity of their listings. 

There are over 200 million collectors in the world today, and the collectibles market is estimated at just over $400 billion. This is an enormous market of alternative financial assets that is expected to double in the next ten years. Unfortunately, the current landscape has offered minimal innovation and been crushed by fees and fraudulent items.

CEO of CollectBuySell, James Pearlstone, said, “This is a future trillion dollar market – this space is about to see parabolic growth and we want to help lay the foundation. We want to make the process of buying and selling collectibles safer, easier, and more profitable. ” 

Existing markets charge substantial fees and/or require custody of the items before they may be sold on their platform. The most common criticism of most marketplaces is their fees. Auction houses will charge a buyer’s premium of 20% or higher when selling any item. eBay will charge over 12.55% on the sale of collectibles. This reduces liquidity and does not encourage a particularly user-friendly climate.

“We interviewed nearly 1,000 people, and they all said the same thing. No fees.  So we listened and built our platform with no transaction fees or commissions – allowing sellers to keep 100% of their sales.” 

When you consider that a 1952 Topps Mickey Mantle card, one of the greatest pieces of sports memorabilia, can sell for over $5 million, you can see that any buyer or seller would have a problem with paying these sorts of percentage-based fees. 

CollectBuySell is a peer-to-peer platform that enables buyers and sellers to transact directly with any payment method or platform (PayPal, credit cards, Bitcoin, etc.). They do not charge commissions or transaction fees; the users only pay the listed price – directly to the seller. 

The majority of current markets do not fully verify authenticity, creating an unnecessary risk of buying fake memorabilia. In addition to excessive fees, many marketplaces do not have strict listing criteria – allowing fraudulent items to be listed. This not only hurts consumers, it impacts the entire industry. This is a major problem considering that the FBI estimates that 50% of sports memorabilia on the market today is fraudulent or fake. Some experts claim over 50% of the autographs listed on eBay are fake. 

That is not the case with CollectBuySell.

Only products with gold-standard authentication are permitted to be listed after they have been reviewed for authenticity. This means the customer gets authentic products at the best prices available. 

Leveraging artificial intelligence and machine learning, they review each item prior to being listed on their public market. They also offer services to evaluate the authenticity of signatures and plan to offer more innovative products soon. 

“We are creating a platform with tools to make the market safer and more efficient.”

Collect Buy Sell provides a much-needed solution in the collectibles world by offering a safe and trustworthy platform for buyers and sellers without exorbitant fees. So whether you’re a seasoned memorabilia investor or a first-time collector, come to Collect Buy Sell for all your buying and selling needs.

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