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NFT Art Gallery at the UM, a beacon for the rise of Web3 in Southeast Asia

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NFT Art Gallery at the UM, a beacon for the rise of Web3 in Southeast Asia

January 17
18:45 2023

On January 11, 2023, the NFT art gallery jointly organized by BitByte and OKX and the College of Creative Arts, University of Malaya officially kicked off. The Gallery will be held in the Bilik Court auditorium of the College of Creative Arts, UM.The Event will last till 23rd.

Hundreds of NFT artworks series such as BAYC, MAYC, Azuki, BEANZ, Cyptopunks, Meebits, CloneX, Doodles, WeirdoGhostGang, Mimic Shhans, Origamasks, ALPACADABRAZ, etc. were exhibited in this group exhibition.

Among them, CryptoPunk #3362, BoredApeYC #5032, #5478, #2906, #2331, and Azuki #3768, #7989, #8147, #9459 have attracted a lot of attention as the blockbuster NFT works of this exhibition, attracting many students and professors And people from all walks of life stopped to watch.

The Gallery has received enthusiastic expectations from the audience since the beginning, and there are constant audiences and guests watching and commemorating in front of their favorite NFT works.

In addition, well-known collectors from the BAYC community and artists from the Azuki community also attended the exhibition, and took photos with organizers from OKX, Bitbyte, Doge Camp, MalaysiaApeClub and other communities to celebrate the successful holding of the Web3&NFT group exhibition. In addition, the exhibition was well received The enthusiastic love of the exhibitors, many exhibitors took a group photo with their favorite NFT here.


In addition to the NFT gallery, the forum and symposium on January 11 is held as scheduled. Organizers from Bitbyte, OKX, Doge Camp and other communities discussed the history of NFT development and the future opportunities of Web3 with professors, scholars, and students in the public lecture hall of the University of Malaya.

At the Forum,

Representatives of the OKX conference believe that NFT is one of the communication certificates in the future digital world.

The Bitbyte spokesperson believes that NFT has the functions of social chips, asset confirmation, and identity authentication.

The head-professor of Faculty of Creative art at the University of Malaya believes that Web3 and NFT are currently in the development stage and have long-term development value.

BitByte and OKX are leading companies in the Web3 industry, and they can cooperate with them in future artistically innovative content. The participants discussed NFT as a communication certificate in the future digital world and its social chips, asset confirmation, and identity authentication. and other functional aspects, and reached a cooperation intention on the artistic innovations and feasible plans that can be realized in the future.

According to the “Global Blockchain Talent Report – Web3.0 Direction” released by OKX and LinkedIn, the current development of the Web3 industry and blockchain technology is still relatively early, and the demand for core talents is shifting from financial-oriented to technical talents Oriented, the overall environment is in a state of short tenure of talents, high turnover rate, and internal flow within the industry. At the same time, the academic requirements of blockchain enterprises for talents are increasing. As the world’s leading crypto ecosystem builder, OKX has the world’s top crypto asset trading platform. Its talent values and corporate culture have great reference significance for industry guidance.

Based on this, Bitbyte and OKX proposed a long-term plan to jointly carry out NFT teaching with the University of Malaya, bringing cutting-edge courses in the field of Web3 & NFT to the students of the University of Malaya and people from all walks of life, and will also give students the honor badge, graduation certificate, and qualification certification of the University of Malaya. Provide NFT technical support in practical application scenarios such as NFT to realize creative research and development and technical support.

The success of the forum added a touch of color to the exhibition. This group exhibition aims to promote the influence of NFT in shaping modern digital art and explore the new life in the future Web3 world, and use NFT artwork as an aspect to provide exploration and imagination of a new human lifestyle in the future.

The progress of art is the breath of the times. NFT is giving digital art new vitality and activities. In the Web3 era, NFT digital artwork is not only a symbol of personal identity in the digital space, but also a value bearer of a new lifestyle.

Taking advantage of the opportunity of this offline NFT Gallery, the University of Malaya not only allows the audience and guests to have a sense of participation and experience in the exhibition, so as to conduct a new exploration of NFT art, but also invites all parties to explore the future of the Web3 era. Concepts and challenges, encourage joining the community to participate in co-construction, and become the aborigines of the Metaverse together in the construction of a new life in the future.

The organizer, the Faculty of Creative Arts, University of Malaya, has a long history and has a profound cultural heritage in promoting the education and development of visual arts. It is a center of excellence in the field of visual arts and has an important influence in drawing new routes for creative industries. This digital art exhibition will activate the creativity and influence of NFT digital art in the Southeast Asian creative industry.

About BitByte provides developers with SAAS services in the Web3 field, including Defi & NFT applications, Swap and mining pools, and community traffic services. Bitbyte is committed to helping developers quickly build their own Defi financial ecosystem and lowering the threshold for traditional users to migrate to decentralized finance.

About OKX

OKX is the world’s leading crypto ecosystem builder, with more than 20 million users, covering more than 200 countries and regions, and continues to provide users with safe, stable and credible digital asset transactions; Web3 Wallet provides users with safe, rich direct entrance. At present, OKX, as the exclusive blockchain title sponsor of Manchester City Football Club and the chief sponsor of the McLaren F1 racing team, also cooperates with Harvard, Columbia University, Imperial College London, etc. to launch a series of Web3 courses, and has always practiced encryption ecological builders Responsibility.

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