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BNG Infotech Private Limited Offers Effective Fleet Management Software

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BNG Infotech Private Limited Offers Effective Fleet Management Software

January 24
19:40 2023

BNG Infotech Private Limited is a top company that provides a fully-integrated Transport ERP software. The software provides checks, balances, and comparative reports for several processes like payments, trip expenses, and more. It is also fully integrated with third-party systems using API, allowing clients to use barcode-enabled features, validate GSTIN, track vehicle location while tracking docket, and more. Typically, the company has been regarded as a market leader in logistics ERP software since 2005. So far, the company has assisted more than 300 logistic companies in digitizing their business operations by making use of their transport ERP software.

Answering a query, the company spokesperson said, “Effective transportation management systems provide detailed data and indicators for thorough reporting. Let’s imagine, for instance, that one needs to keep an eye on the shipping activity for 20 different sites, each of which sends out five shipments per week. This means that 100 loads must be managed each week, along with 100 shipping invoices. With transport management software, all the data will be kept in one place and with the touch of a button, unique reports can be made to examine costs and final invoices.”

As one of the top fleet management software companies in India, BNG Infotech Private Limited has made it easy for fleet companies to manage the cost of their fleet tires through their LOZICS fleet software. It does so by letting one assign a unique serial number to each tyre. Typically, the process flow of the software in the cost control of tires is designed in a sequence of a purchase order, tire inward, issue for truck, fitment, removal, an issue for retreat, and receipt from the retreat. Additionally, the software can be integrated with a transport accounting system and inventory management software. So, monitor the existence and maintainability of fleet tyres after every trip is completed by making use of the company’s fleet management software.

The company spokesperson added, “With proper utilization of the information on the reports, it will result in increased sales, which support long-term company growth and profitability improvement while raising customer happiness. For more insights, clients can contact us.”

Since fueling is an expense that is incurred daily, huge cash pay-out is typically made from the company’s profit earnings. This implies that without proper management of such expenses, the entire profit a company makes may be consumed. The good news is that BNG Infotech Private Limited’s LOZICS fleet management software still has a solution for that. It monitors a fleet’s fuel consumption by predefining fuel expenses for a specific route and truck model. Any excess consumption is typically recovered from the driver. Furthermore, the software also enables fleet companies to perform preventive maintenance on their trucks before they are due. It does so by helping them implement the timely availability of spare parts and making preventive maintenance notifications. For more information about freight management software cost, clients can contact the company.

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BNG Infotech Private Limited offers cloud fleet software that enables fleet owners to monitor their entire fleet operations, control their operation costs and drive business growth.

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