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What Every Parent Needs to have for their kid to start off at the right foot and have greater success in the game of basketball

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What Every Parent Needs to have for their kid to start off at the right foot and have greater success in the game of basketball

April 05
18:12 2023

Most Parents go through a trial by fire when entering their child through a new sport for the first time. Today’s parent typically will do a ton of research to prepare for the new world of sports. However, there isn’t many articles to help parents preparing for basketball which surprised me. So as a parent of two who has dealt with the trial by fire and lived to tell the tale, I wanted to help my fellow parents with advice and tips I wish I received when first enter the world of basketball. That not only would have prepared me better but given my kids a better experience overall.

The first step is finding the right information to not only support your kid but also to help them find the right fit. There are a ton of terrible coaches and programs out there that ruin kids way before they find a passion and love for the game. So the following table are important books to purchase to learn about proper dieting, helping your kid prepare and navigate through for the basketball world, helping the parent understand how to read their kids true feelings and have the right support to overcome any challenges ahead.



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Sports Nutrition For Young Adults: A Game-Winning Guide to Maximize Performance – Kindle edition by Slomin MS RDN, Jackie . Children Kindle eBooks @

It’s important to feed your child the right nutrition: per, during and post workouts and games. Most parent miss this detail and it can lead to a ton of issues down the road such as injury.


The New Era of Basketball Training: The Secrets of Groundbreaking Player Transformation: Abuawad, Maher: 9798592461392: Books

This book is the best-selling book on basketball training and incorporates everything you need to know to set your kid up for success In basketball. From mental training to biomechanical development. It has it all. Its like having a coach in your pocket. It’s a great resource for parents.


Understanding Body Language: How to Decode Nonverbal Communication in Life, Love, and Work: Rouse, Scott: 9781647390983: Books

Most parents don’t know how to understand their kids and don’t pick up on cues until an issue becomes a big problem. Once I learned to read body language, I knew how to interpret my kids actual meaning and help them along the way.


Let Them Play: The Mindful Way to Parent Kids for Fun and Success in Sports: Lynch, Jerry, Kerr, Steve: 9781608684342: Books

This is a great book to teach parent’s not get too caught up with failure and success. I’ve seen too much pressure on a kid, cause a kid to hate the sport completely. So, finding ways to encourage and support is key

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Pro Trainer Maher gives great tips for players, coaches, and parents. Great resource for anyone trying to learn insightful tips on basketball.


Christina is a Registered Dietitian who works specifically with Youth Athletes and provides some insight tips for parents

Mental Performance Coach

Understanding how to help your kid’s mental is importance, so being able to understand how to help them coupe is key

After You had a change to read the books and following the social media accounts, start immersing yourself in the world of basketball to get the right feel for the next step. Which is to help your kid find the right team to play on. Its important to know that you will be limited to the best trainers, coaches and teams in your area and being able to filter through those different areas will help you at least provide the best training opportunities for your kid. So, its important that even if you pick the wrong team, to see the red flags and quickly move your kid to another program before it becomes an issue.



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AAU is the new standard across the board, to the point that some players do not play for their school teams. Check This website and register your kid. Its important to note, as your kid gets better, they may be recruited to play on bigger and better teams (requiring more effort in terms of driving and scheduling around games and practices.) ALSO check with your local township for youth programs for your kids age group.

Online Forums

Finding the right support and forum will be great to find and ask questions you need answers too.

Find a Trainer

This will a reputable online site to help you find a trainer in your area. Also check with local gyms, but just be aware, of training standards.

Once you are set into place with programs and trainers. The next step is to purchase the equipment. Note, though, some teams operate on purchasing some gear for players as part of their uniformity within the team and provide cost saving measures for their players and families. So, make sure to check with those teams first.



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Its all about looking the part but also protecting your kids’ feet as best as you can


Find the basketball for your kids age group

Message Gun

Top 10 Massage Guns of 2023 – Best Reviews Guide

Great for recovery


Top 5 Backpack Sports In the US – February 2023 |

Find a bag that can carry all the equipment, look great and comfortable and convenient for your kid

Jump Rope Redify 2 Pack Adjustable Jump Rope for Workout, Fitness Jump Rope for Men Women and Kids, Speed Jumping Rope for Exercise : Everything Else

Great warmup tool and will improve your kids speed and explosiveness overtime. The number cardio tool.

Cones : Pro Disc Cones (Set of 50) – Agility Soccer Cones with Carry Bag and Holder for Sports Training, Football, Basketball, Coaching, Practice Equipment, Kids – Includes 15 Best Drills Book (Bright Orange) : Sports & Outdoors

Great for training drills and developing specific motor skills as well.

Resistance Bands

Kbands Infinity Rubber Loop Mini Bands (7 Levels of Ankle and Thigh Exercise Bands) Often Used for Speed and Agility, Pilates, Yoga, Strength Training (

Great for developing strength, improving strength and a must for warmup as it provides neuromuscular development for your kid

Consider some adjustments.

Understanding you may get overwhelmed with such changes in routine when first starting. The key is to find an enjoyable flow and cement that as the current routine until the end of the season. Of course, there may be tweaked needed along the way for various reasons, so be open to changes (i.e. such as a coach quitting midseason) So just be apart of your kids journey and continue to growth and experience their failures and success as their parent.  

On a more serious Note.

If you and your kid are serious about basketball, then consider virtual schooling your kid. It will provide more flexibility to provide additional opportunities for your kid such as at home workouts and training.

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