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Protests 4 Men: Calls for Protest in support of Men and Fathers in Ottawa

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Protests 4 Men: Calls for Protest in support of Men and Fathers in Ottawa

April 05
18:16 2023

In a first-of-it’s kind Protest, men’s and fathers rights activists amass on the nations capital for 2 hours of peaceful demonstration aimed at ending systemic discrimination against men.

And also hopefully raising awareness about suicide rates among men.

As summarized in the Canadian study (Dim and Lysova, 2021), there is bias against men in the courtrooms and in police agencies which would cause many male victims of domestic violence to become unwilling to ask for police help because of the expectation of being ridiculed by the police, not being believed, or fear of being arrested. According to this article, those who chose to seek the police help, reported a negative experience about unfriendly and antagonistic police treatment. This is aligned with another Canadian research (Dutton, 2012) where it was reported that 64% of men who asked for police help in the same context were treated as abusers. Men and fathers face serious consequences including mental problems and breakdown because of the issues described above and because of bias against fathers in the family courts in terms of child access (Barry, 2020).

“Protests 4 Men” is a Canadian corporation founded in March 2023. The founder, Arman Arian, is a researcher and a PhD holder in Mathematics from UBC. Their mission is to achieve more equality for men and fathers in the legal system, in which no man or father goes through any type of discrimination because of their gender. As a non-profit organization, Protests 4 Men would like to raise awareness in the society and among authorities by forming peaceful, legal public a protests. They also send letters to authorities presenting them with the existing research and evidence on the issues described above and asking for reform from the relevant areas/agencies in terms of achieving more equality for men and fathers. Dr. Arian is currently doing research on the connection between the rising men’s suicide rate-and its connection with intimate partner violence (IPV) and child contact restrictions on fathers. In Canada, 3 out of 4 suicide cases are men. Research has been done only a very few aspects of this such as men less willing to talk about their problems with others. However, mental health issues in general and suicide attempts in particular, is a complex subject and can not be explained away simply by only one or two factors. On the other hand, observations point toward many men thinking about suicide because of being denied fully or partially to be in contact with their children and many of them being denied contact with their children for many years.

Dr. Arian believes that more formal research needs to be done in order to establish the connection between these subjects.The name of the upcoming event of Protests 4 Men in Ottawa is “Protest for Men and Fathers”. In this event, the goal is to assemble peacefully at Parliament Hill in Ottawa on May 6, 2023 from 12:00 pm -2:00 pm and to speak up for men and fathers who were discriminated against. They want to raise public awareness and demand gender equality from provincial and federal agencies.

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