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SUN – Takes people to a New Era of Innovative Integration of DEFI and NFT

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SUN – Takes people to a New Era of Innovative Integration of DEFI and NFT

April 11
01:31 2023

NFT turnover exceeded $200 million in the first week of 2023, up about 26% from the last week of 2022, with 400,748 NFT buyers, 1.2 million NFT transactions, 19 different blockchain networks and total NFT volume of $208.99 million. It’s safe to say that in 2023, the future of NFT looks brighter than ever. As more and more people discover the irreplaceable and unique advantages of NFT, investing in NFT is becoming the most popular category in the crypto asset world!

1. What is NFT?

NFT, known as Non-Fungible Token, which are essentially credible digital equity credentials featured with uniqueness in blockchain. It provides a new way to prove the ownership and authenticity of digital assets. This makes it easier to sell and transfer unique items, while preventing treat. For example, digital artwork converted to NFT can be traced back to its original creator, providing a clear record of ownership. This helps prevent unauthorized copying or distribution of artwork, and makes it easier for buyers and sellers to transact with confidence!

2. The application range of NFT:

NFT has a wide range of applications and covers art, music, games, virtual real estate and other fields. In the field of art, it can be used to prove the ownership and identity of digital works and give them value. In the field of music, NFT can be used to prove the copyright and ownership of musical works and assign value to them. In the field of games, it can be used to prove ownership of game props and characters and give value to them. In the field of virtual real estate, NFT can be used to prove the ownership of virtual land and buildings and assign values to them!

3. DEFI and NFT Market Value:

DeFi and NFT are two of the most important innovations in blockchain area in recent years. While DeFi is primarily focused on enabling decentralized financial transactions, but the convergence of DeFi and NFT is bringing new opportunities for liquidity and value creation in the blockchain area.

One of the most important benefits of combining DeFi and NFT is that is can provide liquidity value-added benefits to NFT owners. By using DeFi protocols such as decentralized exchanges (DEX) and liquidity pool, it allows NFT owners to provide liquidity to their assets and receive rewards in the form of cryptocurrency. This not only increases the liquidity value-added benefits of NFT, but also provides new opportunities for value creation!

4. SUN takes you to a new era of DEFI and NFT integration for innovative wealth

SUN is a NFT crowdfunding lraffle financial platform, founded by the Miracle Fund, which brings together blockchain crypto-asset technology elites from Silicon Valley and Wall Street fund industry experts, combining blockchain technology products with financial attributes NFT with the Internet DEFI vault decentralized finance, and raffle entertainment perfectly. The DEFI vault precision program brings financial multiplication and distributes the proceeds according to the rules of NFT interests held by the user. In SUN, users can not only get high multiples of bonuses through the platform, but also realize the need for sound and safe financial management on the platform:

SUN will radiate the global market and quickly occupy the market share through a unique and novel innovative model. The platform operation is simple and easy to understand, the encryption technology is perfect and safe, plus the DEFI vault perfect business closed loop. It allows users to get high multiplier of winning revenue, the later the winning period the higher the bonus multiplier, 100% winning, truly realizing low risk and high return. SUN will bring together more big names in the industry to enrich the ecological alliance development one after another, and will enter the game quiz, global payment, global entertainment, global consumption, global tourism and global life recreation and medical care.

The operating process of SUN is very simple: users register and login – subscribe to NFT – participate in NFT crowdfunding raffle – wait for the prize to be opened to get the reward for the waiting day – once the number of people is enough, raffle – the winner destroys the NFT to exchange the bonus out of the game, re-subscribe to enter or leave the game – no prize continues to wait for the raffle until win or leaves the game. Easy for everyone to get started, easy to get benefits return!

5. Forecast and outlook of NFT in 2023

With the development of NFT’s innovative models, it has now become the most influential digital asset warrants proof. In the future, NFT digital collections will play a more important role in the digital collectibles market. The cost advantage of NFT is also a prospect for development. Because NFT has a unique decentralized warrant nature, it does not cost expenditure when obtaining NFT. In addition, NFT has the ability to expand in the financial field rich in infinite space, traditional finance, Internet finance are incomparable, so it can achieve a true decentralized transactions in the future . This will strongly promote the development of the NFT market, so that investors have greater investment freedom and returns. And as investors pay more attention to NFT investment, the future will see NFT continue to expand the scope. More and more forms of NFT business models are being researched and created, which have great potential.

Based on the above analysis, the overall development prospects for NFT in 2023 are huge and the market development potential is unlimited. By improving technology, strengthening capital investment and raising awareness, and integrating innovative models, the NFT industry will usher in a huge explosive development. Keeping pace with the times and grasping its future opportunities.

Let’s join hands with SUN, together we can share the wealth in the trillion dollar blue ocean market of DEFI and NFT!

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