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Learning from Experienced Masters: The Forgotten Benefits of Studying Yoga in India

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Learning from Experienced Masters: The Forgotten Benefits of Studying Yoga in India

April 18
00:05 2023


India is also known as the birthplace of yoga. Thousands of people travel to and across India in search of spirituality, traditional yoga and self-realization. Yoga has become very popular over the last years and people have begun to understand the tremendous health benefits of a regular yoga practice. But what makes India different from other countries and what are the benefits of studying yoga in India?

India is the origin and source of yoga. Here, yoga was first mentioned in the Rig Veda more than 5000 years ago. There is no better place to learn yoga than in the country where yoga was invented and shared first.

Being the birthplace of yoga, India also has the best possible yoga education system. Only in India, one can find a variety of yoga courses that focus on the original, non-commercialized, non-westernized version of yoga. Yoga is a wholistic science and alternative medical system that is much more than physical postures only.

There are also numerous university courses (Bachelor, Master and PhD degrees) that one can obtain in India- nowhere else in the world this is offered.

In India, one can find the most experienced yoga masters, gurus, teachers and inspirations. Many teachers have dedicated their entire lives to the spiritual path of yoga and sharing the valuable wisdom with the world. Such teachers cannot be found anywhere else in the world.

Another benefit is that in India millions of people practice yoga and meditation daily which contributes to the peaceful and uplifting energy. The Himalayas and Ganges River are said to be supporters in spiritual growth as well.

GyanYog Breath is one of the most popular and most experienced yoga ashrams in India. Here, students can participate at well-structured short-term yoga courses in order to gain more understanding and a better practice. The most comprehensive course is called 200 Hour Yoga Teacher Training in India. The 21-day yoga course is suitable for yoga beginner to intermediates who wish to educate themselves in classical and scientific yoga. The training is Yoga Alliance certified and graduates can use their certification internationally after successful course completion.GyanYog Breath has been the number-one yoga institutions for national and international yoga practitioners from more than 41 countries since 2008.

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