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SEKEX Exchange 3.0 is about to go online, and the transaction is moving towards intelligent platform services and then upgrading

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SEKEX Exchange 3.0 is about to go online, and the transaction is moving towards intelligent platform services and then upgrading

August 28
22:23 2019

To evaluate the comprehensive strength of an exchange, it is necessary to conduct a comprehensive inspection from multiple aspects and multiple dimensions. In addition to the exchange background, business operation capabilities, transaction matching capabilities, profitability, etc., there is another important point, but it is not easy to attract everyone’s attention, that is, the advantages and disadvantages of the exchange APP.


As an APP that takes into account both the service and the tools, whether it takes into account the usage habits of most users, whether the functional partitions are clear and precise, and whether the operation is difficult or not is one of the important indicators to measure the good or bad of the exchange. Only by constantly optimizing and upgrading, taking into account the product functions while focusing on improving service quality and improving user retention, can we fight a broader world in the game of many exchanges.

As a well-established digital currency exchange, the SEKEX technical team is committed to creating features that better meet user needs and providing solutions for user experience feedback, starting with the functional details of the product.

According to official news, the SEKEX digital asset trading platform, through the core technology development team to continuously improve the system, iterative update, SEKEX exchange 3.0 version will be officially launched in early September.

For the new version of the feature, let us take a quick look:

IBO intelligent robot automatic trading

SEKEX has been working hard to reduce the operational difficulty of quantitative trading, so the new version of the IBO intelligent robot is added in the 3.0 version, which runs on the cloud server for 24 hours. After initializing the setup parameters, the robot will automatically trade according to the strategy. Automatically buy or sell when the set conditions are met, without the user having to star for a long time.

IBO robots have a variety of trading strategies built in to suit different risk types. After setting the strategy, the robot will intelligently assign positions and conditions for each incoming order, strictly enforce trading strategies, and support hundreds of transactions to run simultaneously. The IBO robot can automatically monitor the quotation depth, strategy calculation, real-time monitoring of trading conditions, and ensure the immediacy of transaction execution.

The IBO robot system sets the trigger condition, and after the profit ratio reaches the condition, the robot automatically triggers the tracking and take profit. When the price of the disk has been rising, the profit ratio has continuously exceeded the highest value. When the price falls, the closing condition is triggered. After the position is filled out, the user can click the button to start. Even a novice can easily operate and get started quickly.

Market segmentation five major trading sectors

In the new version of the market page, there are five major sections, including the optional, all, motherboard, GEM and IBO. The functional partition is very clear. The self-selected area can make the price of the currency held by the user at a glance, and the important information is available.

All the sections contain all the currencies that can be traded at the current stage of the platform, which greatly expands the choice of platform users, helping users to seize the global hotspots and seize investment opportunities without leaving home.

The main board is an independent trading section set up for the trading of mainstream digital currencies, and all the leading currencies in the forefront of the industry will be launched in the area. Provided for platform users, currently ranked in the top ten mainstream digital currency on the market, 7×24 hours of uninterrupted market transactions.

The GEM is aimed at new online currency with community and consensus. Token distribution according to the size of the community team. The more people holding the currency, the better, increasing the circulation of the currency and ensuring that each new coin has a strong fan base. It can double as soon as it goes online.

The IBO segment is the original SEKEX exchange model. It is based on a consensus social community, a large platform user and a composite reward model. It combines an efficient digital asset management system to quickly drain the project in a short period of time. Seize the market and promote community building.


Add [Help Center] entry to optimize the legal currency transaction process

In order to better serve users, SEEKX 3.0 has set up the help center entrance on the homepage, so that users can contact customer service at the first time to quickly solve the corresponding problems. At the same time, the user-friendly platform operation manual and FAQs are very user-friendly, which solves the problems encountered by users in using the SEKEX APP more efficiently and quickly.

In this updated SEEKX 3.0, the wallet account was cancelled. User recharge and transfer directly operate in the French currency account, eliminating the need to transfer from the wallet account to the legal currency account, greatly improving the overall fluency of recharge and presentation. Users can more intuitively see the assets in the account and manage the assets at any time.

UI with blue and white design, clear interface

In SEKEX version 3.0, the UI design is matched with blue and white tones. The blue color is consistent with the LOGO color of the SEKEX exchange, and the overall visual appearance is more fashionable and simple. Optimization of the homepage and top navigation bar can bring a new interactive experience to users. The market center of the new view mode is added, and the rich market information is presented in a centralized and intuitive manner. Rich page design, multi-dimensional view of the latest market, helping users make better trading decisions;


The function buttons that enter each partition are more vivid, conforming to the flat and extremely simple line graphics of the current user aesthetic. Through the integration of functions, the page information has been refined, the product function section is more distinct, and the overall interface is more simple and elegant, clean and beautiful.

The new version can be downloaded from all major app stores. Please pay attention to the official announcement of the SEKEX exchange.

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