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Overseas media exhibition project of Chinese Artists, Wu Youyou

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Overseas media exhibition project of Chinese Artists, Wu Youyou

July 29
08:26 2020

The report of the 19th National Congress of the Communist Party of China put forward: “Cultural self-confidence.” The manifesto of this era also points out that culture is the soul of a country and a nation. Prosperity of culture means prosperity of the country, and a strong culture means a strong nation. Without a high degree of cultural confidence and cultural prosperity, there would be no great rejuvenation of the Chinese nation. Culture is the backbone and soul of a nation. It creates the soul and character of a country and a nation. A nation can exist in the world only if it has cultural self-confidence. Only when the people have faith can the country have strength and the nation have hope. Cultural self-confidence is the most important factor contributing to these goals. 

Wu Youyou, male, was born on October 1, 1948 in Hainan Province, China. He joined the Communist Party of China in November 1969. He is the founder of “Inspiration Calligraphy”, a famous inspiration calligrapher and poet. He is currently the Director of Encyclopedia of Chinese Art, Dean of Zhonghai Diaotai Painting and Calligraphy Institute, Academician of United Nations Peace Painting and Calligraphy Institute, Chairman of American Oriental Painting and Calligraphy Association, Vice Chairman of Chinese Calligraphers Association, President of Chinese Traditional Culture and Art Publishing House, National Guest Ceremony Artist of the People’s Republic of China, and was selected as an advanced figure to learn from Lei Feng in 2020. Director of China Shengrong Art Group and lifelong honorary consultant of Chinese Calligraphers Association. 

“Dragon Dance, Chinese Dream and Spring”. Size: 186cmX116cm

Wu Youyou joined the army for 26 years. He was the president of the Military Court of Guangzhou Military Region and a researcher at the Economic Law Research Center of China University of Political Science and Law. He loved calligraphy since childhood. From the age of 6, he began to practice calligraphy, and became increasingly fascinated. He studied Mao Zedong’s poetry and calligraphy art, Wang Xizhi’s work and style, and absorbed the essence of Zhang Zhi, Zhang Xu, Huai Su, Sun Guoting, Huang Tingjian, Zhao Mengfu, You Ren, Lin Sanzhi and other masters. In addition, his calligraphy personality and bold innovation made his calligraphy self-contained and unique He pays attention to character cultivation, studies poetry rhythm seriously, is good at multi-body, studies seal style hard, and takes Lisi and Li Yangbing as his ancestors. He especially pays attention to the little seal style, which is vivid, rigorous, vigorous, strong and vigorous, and strives to show nature, simplicity, frankness and beauty. In studying all kinds of works, he always studied with great concentration, was meticulous, learned calligraphy well, and copied classics. He is the best at cursive writing, and his cursive writing is made in one go, with great momentum, magnificent style and flowing style. His style of writing has a smooth and elegant stroke, with thick and full lines, varied strokes, sharp breaks, ups and downs, continuous twists and turns, elegant and free, and unruly galloping. His calligraphy is full of vigor and vitality, which is as vigorous as a mountain and as gentle as flowing water. He was awarded “World Outstanding Chinese Artist”, “Famous Chinese Painting and Calligraphy Master”, “Outstanding Representative of Chinese Advanced Culture”, “Famous Chinese Painting and Calligraphy Master Going to the World”, “Outstanding Achievement Award of Chinese Contemporary Painting and Calligraphy Art”, “People’s Meritorious Artist”, “World Expo Art Achievement Person”, “Chinese Painting and Calligraphy Lanting Cup Highly Respected Lifetime Achievement Award”, “Chinese Painting and Calligraphy Leader”, “the belt and road initiative Chinese Culture Messenger”, “, Glorious Chinese Outstanding Artist for 70 Years, “Outstanding Representative of Chinese Literature and Art”, Chinese Artist’s Honorary Award for Virtue and Art, “The Highest Honor Award for Culture and Art of the Republic” and other honorary titles. 

Mao Zedong’s Qingpingle Liupanshan Size: 300cmX70cm

Wu Youyou has a firm cultural self-confidence, a firm the belt and road initiative and a people-centered creative orientation, from the ends of the earth to Changbai Mountain, from Tianshan Mountain to the Pearl River, from China to the world, and keeps creating. He went deep into rural areas, factories, military units, schools, institutions and enterprises, and went deep into ordinary people’s homes, feeling life, expanding traditions, gathering interests, strengthening morals, spreading positive spirit and building a Chinese dream together. In September 2014, Wu Youyou was invited to give speeches and inscriptions at Yale University, Harvard University and Li Changyu Institute of Criminal Investigation in the United States. He expressed his feelings and created “Niagara World Falls” in the United States, saying: Waterfall rolling blue sky, white half of the scenery; The waves roar like tigers, and the flying springs gallop like dragons; The mountains near the water are noble and clean, and the wonders are clearer; The world embraces the dream of peace, and create happiness together. Wu Youyou’s visit to the United States, 

Su Shi’s Nian Nujiao. Size: 186cmx80cm

He spread the fine traditional Chinese culture, promoted world peace, surprised the United States, and was warmly welcomed and highly praised. It is the Chinese dream, and folk songs praise the prosperous times; Water nearby and distant mountains are intoxicating, rising towards the sun and shining brightly. In September 2014, the Ministry of Culture awarded Wu Youyou the honorary title of “National Major Contribution Artist”. In 2015, he was awarded honorary titles such as “Ambassador of Chinese Culture Image”, “Lifetime Achievement Award of Chinese Culture and Art”, “Special Gold Award of Chinese Master of Art Going Global”, “National Cultural Meritorious Person”, “Art Leader in People’s Heart”, “National Intangible Culture and Art Inheritance Award”, “Ambassador of Chinese Poetry and Painting Image” and “National Treasure Art Supreme”. In September 2015, Wu Youyou was invited to Germany to show inspiration calligraphy, which was highly praised internationally and won the honorary title of “International Innovation Award” and “Ambassador of Oriental Cultural Image” and the gold medal. In June 2016, he was invited to give a lecture on Chinese culture and show inspiration calligraphy in Malaysia. In 2018, he was invited to Tokyo, Japan for cultural exchange between China and Japan, giving a speech on the spiritual power of Chinese culture to promote human civilization, spreading positive spirits. In the spring of 2020, after three months at home, he led all the party members in his party branch to donate money. Wu Youyou insisted on creating in the epidemic, wrote articles to support the fight against the epidemic, wrote many poems such as “Follow President Xi, Win the War against the Epidemic”, and created nearly 200 works. He celebrated the great Chinese Communist Party and the heroic Chinese people, and praised the Chinese spirit of fighting the epidemic with unity. An Introduction to Inspiration Calligraphy written by Wu Youyou, with 400,000 words, will be published soon. 

“Thousands of poems about mountains and rivers; Bright moon, cool breeze, wine, a boat. Size: 186 cm X116 cm 

“Bless”. Size: 186cmX60cm 

Four poems “Ode to Chinese Spirit”. Size: 186cmx200cm

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