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Pokemon GO and WIMI Hologram AR have become typical application scenarios in the 5G era

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Pokemon GO and WIMI Hologram AR have become typical application scenarios in the 5G era

November 07
06:20 2020

Hong Kong – Mobius Trend releases a research report “Pokemon GO and WIMI Hologram AR have become typical application scenarios in the 5G era”. AR is the killer application for 5G, and it is coming faster than anyone can imagine. The demand for VR/AR bandwidth is huge. High-quality VR/AR content processing moves towards the cloud to meet the growing experience requirements of users while reducing equipment prices. VR/AR will become the most potential high-traffic business in mobile networks. Although the average throughput of existing 4G networks can reach 100Mbps, some higher-order VR/AR applications require higher speeds and lower latency.

5G can make AR more immersive, with faster and more effective graphics loading, and lower latency can also significantly improve the game experience and gameplay. In the summer of 2016, the craze of Pokemon GO swept the world. The AR game brings a whole new experience to players by combining virtual and reality by using the camera on the phone. The game has been downloaded more than 1 billion times, attracted 147 million active users every month, and generated $3 billion in revenue at its peak.

Niantic, the developer of an augmented reality game, Pokemon GO, announced on September 1 that it will cooperate with 5G operators from North America, Europe, and Asia. In the context that is 5G technology deployed in wireless networks around the world, the use of the 5G technology is able to deal with rich AR scenarios, helping them to spread high-quality AR experience to millions of new users through 5G technology.

AR needs 5G, but 5G needs AR more. This cooperation can bring short-term and long-term benefits to AR technology developers (including Niantic). In addition, it is a necessary measure for 5G operators as they are transiting from the current 4G networks to 5G. In this process, it is necessary to show users the value of next-generation wireless networks.

As the gaming industry pays more and more attention to AR and VR, the consumer market ultimately needs a killer application that allows mainstream users to familiarize themselves with new technologies and applications. When the iPhone first came out, it was games like Angry Birds that taught consumers how to play games with a touch screen – touch screen games were new at that time. The concept of augmented reality has a long history. Given the popularity of Pokemon GO, it may be able to encourage and educate users to use AR technology. Mobile devices are one of the first mainstream devices that consumers are exposed to AR technology, but in the long run, companies such as Microsoft will launch high-end products like Hololens.

In 2016, the application market size of holographic AR in the entertainment industry in China is 600 million yuan, which is expected to grow at a CAGR of 83.5% from 2016 to 2020, and 92.8% from 2020 to 2025, reaching 180 billion yuan in 2025. This growth is attributed to the growing popularity of entertainment radio programs, especially live radio programs, including ceremonies, concerts, evening parties, and sporting events. Among these programs, AR has great potential. In addition, the enhancement of live broadcast functions brought by smartphones and other portable digital devices has also contributed to the growth. Relying on its leading original technical strength, WIMI will further empower the advertising and entertainment industry with “AI+AR”, bring new impetus to advertising practitioners and partners, and jointly promote the innovation and development of China’s holographic AR advertising entertainment and applications.

WIMI was founded in 2015. The company becomes one of the largest holographic cloud integrated technology solutions providers in China. The company offers one-stop services of holographic AR technology, such as holographic vision AI synthesis and presentation, holographic interactive software development, holographic AR advertising, holographic AR SDK pay, and 5G holographic communication software development.

The core of WIMI’s business is holographic AR technology, which is used in software engineering, content production, cloud and big data, and it provides customers with AR-based holographic services and products. The products mainly include (i) holographic AR advertising services and (ii) holographic AR entertainment products.

WIMI’s holographic AR entertainment products mainly include payment middleware software, game distribution platform, and holographic MR software. Payment middleware is a software solution that connects mobile applications to payment channels, making it easy for mobile application users to access a variety of online payment options. Cooperating with more than 55 application developers, WIMI’s payment middleware has been embedded in more than 1,100 market mobile applications for more than 300 customers in 2018, most of which have AR functions.

WIMI’s advanced payment middleware simplifies the often time-consuming process of mobile payment. Mobile payment middleware enables application developers to build an in-application payment infrastructure that enables small amounts of money to be paid or received through efficient and secure systems without any interface redirection. This mobile payment middleware enables application developers to store the user’s payment credentials in a trusted and secure environment. Meanwhile, it relieves the user of the burden of repeatedly entering and verifying payment information for each transaction.

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